Tip #39: Race Day tips- The Taper- In the last week

Tip #39: Race Day tips- The Taper- In the last week

What you do in the week leading up to a race, especially a long one like a Half Marathon or Marathon can greatly affect the outcome on event day.


Here are some things not to do in the last week:

  1. Stay a little dehydrated. Drink little water and too much alcohol

  2. Eat little or too much ‘rubbish’ food

  3. Stay up late and get less sleep than usual

  4. Become anxious about the event, thinking that it is the most important thing ever

  5. Become irritable with those closest and dearest, and expect them to understand

  6. Put in a few hard training sessions, to ‘finish off’ your fitness


On the other hand, if want to get to the starting line in as good a condition as possible:

  1. Drink a couple of liters of water per day, and no alcohol

  2. Eat quality carbohydrates and avoid eating too little (or too much)

  3. Get to bed earlier than normal

  4. Relax and remember, it is only a race

  5. Be nice to your friends and family

  6. Reduce your volume of training by a good 50%

Here is more good advice below:

Tip #38: Race Day tips- The Taper- When should it start?

Tip #38: Race Day tips- The Taper- When should it start?

The Taper begins after your last long run, usually 3 to 4 weeks from your Rhino Ramble Marathon, 10 to 14 days from your Zebra Zoom Half Marathon, 7 to 10 days from your Cheetah Chase 10 km and about 5 to 7 days from your Dingo Dash 5.5 km.

For the taper it is the amount of running that is reduced, not intensity (except maybe for the last 2 or 3 days perhaps when you might also reduce speed slightly any faster running in the plan). So don’t run slower, run less.

There is no ‘hard and fast’ rule about the reduction amount, but a guide could be 50% to 60% less kilometers in the last week, 30% to 40% in the second last week, and 10% to 20% less in the third last week (if you are running the marathon). That means that the biggest reduction is in that last week for the Zoom or Ramble, or days if you are running the Dash or Chase.

Inaugural Stampede Feed

Stampede feed: Rub shoulders with running royalty

In celebration of the fifth Dubbo Stampede, we are hosting the inaugural Stampede Feed!

Come dine with running royalty at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in a warm up to the Dubbo Stampede.

Marathon legends Rob ‘Deeks’ de Castella and Jane Fardell will be joining Tim Oberg, head of Parkrun Australia to talk running, lifestyle and the Dubbo Stampede!

The evening will be hosted by Mossy and Robbo fresh back from Rio Olympic games (…did someone say hilarious??). Professional crowd pleasers and energy on tap, the dynamic duo are back again in 2016.

The Stampede Feed is happening for the first time this year. A pasta night to be held at the Savanah Room, Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Saturday 27 August at 6.30pm.

Who’s talking?

Robert de Castella will be keynote speaker for the night. Deeks is our most famous Australian marathon champion who dominated the 80’s and has gone on to inspire and empower Indigenous runners by establishing the Indigenous Marathon Project.

He will be joined by Jane Fardell, our local home grown Australian marathoner and Tim Oberg, head of parkrun Australia.

The evening will involve a keynote from Deeks as well as a panel discussion to be hosted by Mossy and Robbo.

Date: Saturday 27 August, 6.30pm

Location: Savannah Room at Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Cost: $50 per head. Meal (Pasta and dessert provided. Drinks at own expense)

Tickets available here: https://goo.gl/Zs95mw