What you do in the week leading up to a race, especially a long one like a Half Marathon or Marathon can greatly affect the outcome on event day.


Here are some things not to do in the last week:

  1. Stay a little dehydrated. Drink little water and too much alcohol

  2. Eat little or too much ‘rubbish’ food

  3. Stay up late and get less sleep than usual

  4. Become anxious about the event, thinking that it is the most important thing ever

  5. Become irritable with those closest and dearest, and expect them to understand

  6. Put in a few hard training sessions, to ‘finish off’ your fitness


On the other hand, if want to get to the starting line in as good a condition as possible:

  1. Drink a couple of liters of water per day, and no alcohol

  2. Eat quality carbohydrates and avoid eating too little (or too much)

  3. Get to bed earlier than normal

  4. Relax and remember, it is only a race

  5. Be nice to your friends and family

  6. Reduce your volume of training by a good 50%

Here is more good advice below: