Check out this informative advice direct from the Dietitian at Dubbo Specialist and Rehabilitation Centre (one of Dubbo Stampede’s valued sponsors)

Whatever the distance you are training for, it is vital to consider your recovery needs during training and after the race.

The blog covers what you need to know about recovery nutrition, and why is it important along with other recovery needs.

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Find out when is the best time to eat after training and what types of foods will help you to recover

The goals of nutrition after exercise will vary for each person, but in general some main goals include:

1.      To replenish fuel used (i.e. glycogen stores) during the training session or race

2.      Provide protein and essential amino acids 

a.      To help repair any muscle damage caused during the exercise session

b.      To synthesise new muscle stimulated by the exercise session

3.      Replenish and restore fluids and electrolytes lost in sweat

4.      To support the immune system by providing adequate energy and protein for key bodily processes so there’s enough left over to fight infection should you become exposed.

Recovery meals and snacks should contain carbohydrate to restore muscle glycogen stores, protein for muscle repair and development and plenty of fluids and electrolytes to replace any fluid lost in sweat. For examples of foods, when to eat, and how much to eat download the full blog here.

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There’s no one “best” option for what to eat after exercise. Everyone has different foods they like to eat, and what to go for can depend on convenience, how much time you have, portability, storage availability, flavour preferences etc. However, an important point is that you CAN get your nutrition from everyday foods – you don’t have to reach for or rely on specialised sports nutrition supplements or powders that are both expensive and not always overly nice.

If you need more advice or would like a personalised training nutrition plan give Dietitian, Helen Barnett a call at the Dubbo Specialist and Rehabilitation Centre