Here are some helpful tips to help you stay hydated from our Sponsors at Dubbo Specialist and Rehabilitation Centre.

Learning the art of the hydration stop and also managing to drink while still moving, is a skill in itself!

Some pointers that may help..

  • look at the course map/info prior to the race..Hydration stations should be detailed so you can plan your stop beforehand.

  • Keep alert during the race for signs of upcoming water stations

  • Decide if you really do require hydration before the stop, you may find during a 5km for instance you may not need a drink until the finish, but if you are doing a longer distance you will definitely need to Hydrate during.

  • Use the end tables, most competitors will stop at the first table collect a cup, aim for trying the end table to avoid getting stuck in the congestion. Even better, look for a volunteer holding a cup out, a good opportunity to say g’day and thank you!

  • Pincer grip is best rather than gripping the whole cup, try to use your finger and thumb into a pincher grip and hold the rim of the cup.

  • Small sips are best to avoid coughing or wearing half of the water!!

  • Toss the cup toss the cup in the provided bins away from other competitors as they can be a slip and trip hazard

For more information contact Hydro Cleanse at Dubbo Specialist and Rehabilitation Centre on 6885 1696.