We're really excited to join the inaugural half marathon central west running series. To participate, compete in the five half marathon events listed below. Orange is up first, so register now!

New series to make the Central West the Distance Running Capital of Australia

A local initiative will see the five major distance running events in the Central West join together to form the new NSW Regional Championships, starting with half marathons in each event in 2017.

The participating events will be in date order:

1. Orange Running Festival - February 2017

2. Bathurst Half Marathon - May 2017

3. Mudgee Running Festival - August 2017

4. Dubbo Stampede - August 2017
5. Carcoar Cup Running Festival - November 2017

“I think this Regional Championship is a tremendous concept” said Olympic coach Sean Williams.

“So much of Australia’s talented running stock has come from regional areas - this will showcase a lot of not only country NSW’s but even Australia’s future running talent - hopefully an Olympian or two can be unearthed during this series. Apart from giving up and comers a chance to shine, the recreational runners will have a great opportunity to run PB’s in their own territory.”

$8,000 of prizemoney has been put up, along with $1,000 of trophies. We expect the prestige of such a championship, combined with the rewards, will give a considerable boost to numbers participating in each of the five Half Marathons, and also generate considerable interest in the running community nationwide.

To allow the widest possible participation the Championships will be for men and women in age sections 20-39, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and over 60. The events will attract runners from not only our region, but from the major city centres as well. All finishers in each race will be awarded a point, with the top 9 runners receiving bonus points.

“This also represents a major focus on the health, fitness and well-being of Australians. In targeting initially the Half Marathon, we are tapping into the fun runners who are keen to do this ideal distance - a challenge but not out of reach. We do plan to include additional races in 2018”, said spokesman Andrew Baulch.

“We are really excited to link with the other major regional events”, said Rod Campbell, Dubbo Stampede President. The Central West is fast turning into a premium running destination for locals and visitors alike”.

“We see it as a great opportunity to advance distance running in the State, said Athletics NSW Participation Manager, James Matthews.