Introducing the Wallaby Wheel in 2017


This year we are introducing the inaugural Wallaby Wheel! We believe the Wallaby Wheel is the first inland wheelchair event in Australia.

This Wallaby Wheel is open to wheelchair participants and takes place in the Dingo Dash event. The track is wheelchair accessible throughout.

This years' event will be held on Sunday 27th August 2017.

The Wallaby Wheel starts with the Dingo Dash at 7.30am and finishes at 9.00am (1.5 hours).

The Wallaby Wheel is all about participation and making the Dubbo Stampede a whole of community celebration.
This is the Wallaby Wheel's first year and competitive/elite wheelchair racing offers many complexities. In the interest of safety we have decided to run our first year as a non-competitive event with a focus on families and recreational wheelers.
Place getters will be recognised with medals and trophies. Thank you for your interest!