Go all the way with our 42.2km Rhino Ramble


Yep the big one. The Dubbo Stampede’s marathon, the Rhino Ramble! 
This marathon is like no other. With the right preparation, why not make this year your year to cross the finish line?
The 2019 event will be held on Sunday 25th August 2019.

Register Now

We have training plans available for the Rhino Ramble. If you are a new marathoner or a more seasoned participant, we have got you covered.
Your registration includes your finishers’ medal, entry to the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, water bottle and a free shirt for early bird registrations. You must be over 16 to enter the marathon. There are no age restrictions on the other events. The course is measured to IAAF standards but not certified.

Check out this footage below of our iconic marathon course!


Race Entry

Registrations close Friday 23 August 11.00pm. Register Now!!

Participants for the marathon must be 16 years or older

Full Entry Fees:

Individual 42.2 km - $120

Prize money

Prize money is available for both male and female placegetters

  • First - $800

  • Second - $500

  • Third - $300

The Rhino Ramble course record jackpot prizes are currently $200 male and $300 female.

See our Past Events page for previous records!

All event placings (except the Wallaby Wheel) are determined through gun start.

Marshalling Time

6.50am - Please make sure you are at the start line. Allow plenty of time to get to the zoo, and to walk to the race precinct from the parking areas located within the zoo. Any special needs should be dropped at the bib pickup area by 6.30am.

Cut off to complete race is 6 hours.

Toilets and stations

There will be 10 portaloos at the marshaling area, plus the following on the Rhino Ramble course

  • 4.5km (water and toilet)

  • 7.5km (water)

  • 10km (water, toilet, sport drink, GU gels)

  • 12.5km (special needs [self-supplied] and 1st lap wristband issued to runners)

  • 14.0km (water and toilet)

  • 17km (water)

  • 19.5km (water, toilet, sport drink, GU gels)

  • 20.5km (toilet block - off path - Sandy Beach)

  • 21.5km (toilet block - Ollie Robins)

  • 22km (water)

  • 23km (toilet block - Lions Park)

  • 24.5km (water, Gu)

  • 26km (special needs [self-supplied] and 2nd lap wristband issued to runners)

  • 28km (water and toilet)

  • 30.5km (water)

  • 33km (water, toilet, sport drink, GU gels)

  • 34km (toilet block - off path - Sandy Beach)

  • 35km (toilet block - Ollie Robins)

  • 35.5km (water)

  • 37km (toilet block - Lions Park)

  • 38km (water, Gu)

  • 40km (special needs [self-supplied])

  • 41km (water)

  • Victory!


Check out the below relive map of our Rhino Ramble course to also see the course elevation. Note: If you have done the course before we have made a minor change this year in that the small river loop will be the first loop, followed by the two bigger loops.

rhino ramble map.png