The Dubbo Stampede and Taronga Western Plains Zoo go back many years! This year the Dubbo Stampede has joined the fight against species extinction. Join Team Taronga and help give back to Taronga Western Plains Zoo, by raising awareness and funds for zoo conservation programs.

Team Taronga is fundraising for the Giraffe breeding program.

Dubbo stampede giraffe fundraiser

We need you to stick your neck out for the Giraffe!

Did know that giraffes are facing a silent extinction?

There are few animals more iconic than the majestic giraffe. Giraffe numbers have plummeted a staggering 40% over the last 30 years.

Habitat loss and human impact are the two leading causes of population decline for this majestic animal. With the population of wild giraffe plummeting in recent years and only 25-50% of giraffe calves reaching adulthood, saving this species is a tall order!

Your fundraising efforts are vital in the fight for a wild future for giraffes.

Dubbo stampede - join the giraffe fundraiser

Donate or sign up to Fundraise

Make your run count, and join Team Taronga to help raise money and awareness for Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s giraffe breeding programs. Funds raised will also go towards improving Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s giraffe exhibit space for both the animals and our Zoo visitors to enjoy.

Join us today to help ensure a thriving future for giraffe in the wild! Sign up to fundraise and you’ll receive a special Team Taronga cap to get you ready to run! You will also receive awesome prizes for every fundraising milestone you achieve!

Visit the fundraiser page to get started.